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  • [Name] Pieter Espeel
  • [Born]  June 4th 1980, Ghent, Belgium
  • [Home] Oudenaarde, Belgium
  • [Partner] Leen Rebry
  • [Kids] Jasper, Kobe & Lieze
  • [Education] PhD in Chemistry, Ghent University
  • [Gear] Canon, 17 to 500 mm


Next to his ful-time job in chemical industry, Pieter is devoted to nature photography. Since his early youth, he developed a taste for natural history in general, strongly stimulated by his parents,  both being graduated biologists. Angling, hiking, wildlife watching, … , memorable moments have always been experienced outdoors, ‘in the field’. Since the first family trip to South Africa in 1997, he feels the need to capture and share these moments. Initially, observations of various kind were recorded using analog videography. Garden birds at the winter feeding station, spotted from a hide, were his favourite objects. Gradually, he showed more interest in photography and he learned the art of nature photography from his father Marc, a skilled and passionate photographer, by accompanying and assisting him in small photography ‘projects’ and field trips. After some early attempts using analogue cameras, he bought a DSLR in 2003. Since then, he discovered all aspects of nature and wildlife photography. He likes to work ‘static’ – waiting lots of long hours in a well-camouflaged hide for animals to appear in front of him. There is no specific subject/species he prefers and as an all-rounder,  he also explores macro and landscape photography. Over the last decade, he witnessed remarkable animal behaviour in beautiful settings, either in local nature reserves or at overseas destinations (Tanzania, India, South Africa, Thailand, USA, …).

Image use

Pieter (member BVNF and Landschap VZW) likes to share his images, in presentations for photography friends or at the benefit of local conservation organizations, like Natuurpunt. Since 2015, he successfully participated to several (inter)national photocontests. Additionally, the most appealing pictures are available for commercial and editorial purposes. His work is represented by several (inter)national agencies (see below), distributing right managed stock pictures. All displayed images are available as high-resolution digital files. For image requests, specific questions about subjects/locations/techniques or comments on the website, please send me an e-mail or contact me via Facebook.

All pictures are copyright protected. Unauthorized use through illegal copies and publications of any kind will be prosecuted.